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—Corporate goals—  

Our goal is to make Smartway to a world-renowned brand in the pet industry.

At Smartway, we strive to bring the premium quality of products to our customers, and we constantly look for ways to innovate and develop in order to deliver the best products that meet our customers’ need. While we are committed to bringing more values to our customers, we also promise that we will be socially responsible by building a harmonized, loved, healthy and eco-friendly environment in the community.

—Company profile— 

Most people might see all pet product manufacturers as the same. However, you could only really tell the difference between each of them with a thorough understanding of the industry and the products. With over 40 years of experience in the pet industry, Smartway has great expertise and profound understanding of the industry. From proving pet care services as a chain pet retailer to producing pet products as a pet product manufacturer; And from complicated trade process to pet industry’s unique culture.

We understand to not focus on the short-term profit while operating our business but look at add-on value, responsibility, harmony, love, and health. Professionalism, integrity, innovation and win-win are our business philosophy. We have in-house R&D and Quality Assurance team to ensure we have the best products for our customers that meet the highest standards. This makes the quality of our product become consistent from beginning to end, which allows us to provide sincere services to meet customer needs in different countries and regions around the world.

With through understand of the pet industry and business, Smartway earned a great reputation in the pet industry and became the one the largest pet producer and exporters in China. Its products are extremely popular across the world and are not only available for sale in major cities in China, but also in regions like Europe, North America, Asia, and Oceania. While assisting our customers to expand their businesses, we have earned extensive experience, which allows us to lead the trend of the industry and build the most powerful pet product distribution network within China and across the world.

Guangzhou Smartway Pet Products Co.,

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